2024 data; Stay tuned for updates!


Workshop location: UCSC Hay Barn

The HotCarbon venue is a ~1 hr drive from the OSDI hotel (not counting traffic).


You may consider the following options.


The Hay Barn is located at 94 Ranch View Road, near the base of campus. This campus map shows the nearest bus stops and parking lots.

If you drive, UCSC will have parking attendants stationed at Lot 116, where attendees can purchase a parking pass for $10 from the attendant between 7:30 and 9:30am. This parking lot is a ~5-minute walk from the Haybarn venue.

People who arrive after 9:30 can still park at the same cost, but they must visit the UCSC Transportation And Parking Services office to buy the permit.

There are also a limited number of ParkMobile spots in the area that people are welcome to use.


Via eventbrite.